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A warm Welcome to 'Edu Risks’!

This small initiative of ‘Edu Risks’ is not just professionally motivated but also has a MAJOR personal angle of responsibility and interest attached to it, where after serving the corporate world both in India and abroad for over a decade,even at country head profiles with biggest names in the industry, managing Security & Safety risks, I decided to choose a field where it would be a real contribution in a more meaningful way, by utilizing my academic expertise and professional skills.

Being a cautious citizen of this country and also a parent myself, education sector became my exclusive first choice ,where my efforts will directly be diverted towards creating and continually improving a ‘Safe and Secure’ learning environment for the country’s future generation(especially once the ODDS are rising because of multiple contributing factors) and see them evolving as a more responsible citizens as far as a safe and secure approach towards both professional as well as personal life, in long-term is concerned.

With the unfortunate increase in degree of global unrest and incidents of terrorist groups targeting schools ,bomb threats ,violence among children ,mental/physical/sexual harassment ,theft and pilferage ,fire incidents, accidental death of school children during transportation/inside educational premises and disasters like earthquake, flood, etc. it becomes a necessity to take up the issues related to security and safety with a proactive approach for all organisation, specially which are dealing with growing children who need special care, training and awareness on such aspects.

Further, It has also been witnessed in recent times that in spite of spending huge amount of time and resource on security & safety related issues,post an incident the senior management (Both academic and directors) of educational institutes have been victimised, harassed, arrested and even prosecuted because of negligence and lapse on someone else’s part, by law enforcement agencies. Such incidents also concern the parents whether their dear ones are at a safe & secure place or not.

Thus, a detailed ‘Risk Assessment and Mitigation’ exercise by well trained, internationally exposed and experienced professional becomes a must for all educational premises to avoid or at least minimise the impact of any untoward occurrences which can bring a severe impact upon the institution’s reputation, property, business and most importantly DAMAGE TO LIFE.

Unfortunately, in the developing world the general approach towards safety & security is way casual than that in western countries and Risk Management still is perceived by many as just deploying security guards through some profit-driven, inadequately trained, frequent changing and business-oriented outsourced agency and installing CCTV cameras, which does NOT address the actual hazard and associated risks, up to the required extent.

Lastly, I would look forward towards your support & active participation in achieving our common goal of providing a ‘Safe & Secure’ learning environment to the future generation of tomorrow, automatically ensuring NO HARM to other stakeholders like parents, management, staff, organization’s reputation and also the overall business interest.

Please feel free to navigate through our website to know more and contact us for a tailor-made, individual need-based, practical, operational friendly, innovative, long-term, EXTREMELY COST EFFECTIVE and efficient Risk Management solutions of truly international standards, NO matter how ‘Small or Large’ is the size of your educational setup

Awanish Singh, Founder & MD.
Ex-National Defence Academy, Khadakwasla, Pune.
Level 2-Conflict Management Certificate, Edexcel, United Kingdom.
Msc-Level 4- Risk(Safety & Security) Management, Middlesex University, London.
Affiliate Member of Institute of Risk Management,UK.


'To assist educators in their efforts in creating, maintaining and continually improving a ‘Safe & Secure’ environment for all students, staff, and other stake holders, along with securing the property and protecting the overall interest of the organisation'


'To uplift the overall Risk Management scenario in India from a 'Reactive' to 'Proactive' mode by becoming 'one stop shop' for all education sector 'Risk Management' requirements by diversifying and broadening the scope slowly with inclusive management of students,academic experts ,parents ,related government bodies and investors,to mitigate the risk of any HARM/HINDRANCE to the overall learning process of the future leaders, in any form.'

Domains Covered - Small, Large or Huge Pan India

Pre/Play Schools (Individual Setup or Chain)

Day Schools (Co-Ed,Only Boys or Only Girls)

Boarding Schools (Co-Ed,Only Boys or Only Girls)

International Schools (IB,CIE,IGCSE ,Edexcel,Etc.)

K-12 Schools


Universities (Stand Alone or Fully Integrated Campus)

Professional/Vocational Training Institutions

Career Coaching Centers

Upcoming Educational Projects (Greenfield/ Brownfield/ Partially Operational)

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