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Proactive Risk Assessment & Mitigation Planning

  • Risk Pre-Assessment
  • Hazard Identification
  • Risk Appraisal
  • Risk Categorisation & Evaluation
  • Risk Mitigation Planning
  • Risk Communication
  • Formulation of Organisation's Risk Register with a status tracking mechanism
  • Drafting of 'Risk Assessment Policy' for the institution

Physical Security Audit

  • Detailed site security, surrounding & property infrastructure survey.
  • Dark corners & Blind spot survey
  • Analytical evaluation of existing security manpower deployment, posts, security policy, processes & procedures
  • Evaluation of security protocols during high-risk occasions/timings like the annual day, sports day, mass movement of students(holiday arrival and departure, opening/closing hours of school), PTM's, VIP Visits, Outdoor excursions, Night out, Jungle Camping, Adventure trips, Etc.
  • Loss prevention & pilferage control audit
  • Through the audit of existing Security service provider agency & its daily operations(Competence level, training standards, adherence to the service contract, Value for money & service quality)
  • Root cause analysis of past security breaches(If Any)
  • Legal aspects & Compliance coverage

Safety & Fire Audit

  • Detailed site safety survey
  • Property Safety signage & caution board survey
  • Fire Hazard identification exercise & recommendations
  • Audit & evaluation of TRANSPORT SAFETY(Vehicle fitness,driver/helper competence,defensive driving skills,stationed/boarding/deboarding safe practices,additional engineering safety measures,etc.)
  • Evaluation of safety plans & measures during high-risk occasions/timings like the annual day, sports day, mass movement of students(holiday arrival and departure, opening/closing hours of school), PTM's, staff get together, VIP Visits, Outdoor excursions, Nigh out, Jungle Camping, adventure trips, Etc
  • Assessment of degree of disaster preparedness, fire response capability, and emergency response mechanism
  • Root cause analysis of past safety or Fire incidents(If Any)
  • Legal aspects & Compliance coverage

Survey & Inspection of Safety/Security Equipment Support Systems(Functional & Technical)

  • Perimeter physical installations
  • Perimeter electronic security systems
  • Visitor management system(VMS)
  • Intruder alarm systems
  • In-depth CCTV,DVR,NVR survey
  • Building management system(BMS)
  • A mechanized/electronic Access control system
  • Radiofrequency cards/readers
  • Electronic data/report storage and generation system
  • Fire alarm systems(FAS)
  • Fire suppression systems(FSS)
  • Scanning gadgets
  • Radio communication equipment
  • Public address system(PAS)

Documentation (Analysis & Drafting)

  • Institution's 'Safety & Security Policy' document(The Bible)
  • Mission, Vision & Organisation reporting structure document
  • Disaster Management Plan(DMP)
  • Effective, service and value for money oriented 'Security Service Contract' for the outsourced service provider
  • Service Level Agreement(SLA) clearly highlighting the required service standards to be delivered
  • Safe, secure and practical Standing Operating Procedure(SOP) documents for various daily processes and emergency situations
  • Specific guard post duties as per the on-ground requirements
  • Various formats for reporting, investigation, analysis, critical information display, incident reports, gate procedures, security registers, log books and record keeping(Both soft & hard copy, as per requirement and ease of operations)
  • Check sheets for daily security, fire & safety check walks and guard's patrolling
  • Safe handling of equipment, use of Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) and work permit documents

Risk Training & General Awareness Sessions for Everyone

  • Basic Risk Assessment and Mitigation training for all
  • Detailed Training to in-house Risk Management professional/representative
  • Apprehensive & Defensive driving presentation for transport drivers & helpers
  • Near Misses and Five simple steps of safety assessment(HSE, UK)
  • Tabletop exercises
  • Toolbox meetings for operation & maintenance staff
  • Training on prevention of Sexual Harassment at workplace
  • Formulation of cross-functional ERT(Emergency Response Team)
  • Emergency First Aid at work
  • Personal Behavioral Safety
  • Occupational safety for project workers and contractors
  • Ergonomics
  • Information Security
  • Importance of Safety & Security, Do's & Don'ts, Unwanted Touches, etc. for students and staff(Topics covered and approach of sessions will depend upon different age groups, gender, batch size and requirement)

Emergency Preparedness,Response & Business Continuity Sessions

  • Mock Drills for different emergency situations covered in DMP document
  • Fire Drills
  • PA Announcement procedure
  • Post drill analysis and scope of improvement exercise
  • Emergency Response Equipment
  • Terrorist Threats & Active Shooter Events (ASE) at School
  • Attack on buses outside the premises(Do's and Dont's) for students, teachers, and drivers
  • Incident Management
  • Post-incident damage control
  • Post-incident media management
  • Post-incident public outrage management & communication
  • Business continuity plan & recovery strategy

Psychological Profiling/Counselling, Health & Hygiene, Mess and Medical Setup

  • Assessment-Must for Integrated Campuses
  • Psychological screening, counseling and profiling of students and staff members by trained psychologists for proactive and in time assessment of any signs of danger/need for special care
  • Awareness sessions on 'Smoking, Alcohol & Substance Abuse'
  • 'Health & Hygiene' sessions by senior medical professionals
  • Food Safety & Cafeteria supply chain Audit (Based upon ISO-22000:2015 and Hazard
  • Analysis and Critical Control Points, HACCP guidelines)
  • Evaluation and drafting of 'Medical Emergency Response Plan'
  • Detailed audit and survey of available medical/first aid/general illness services set up by senior medical professional
  • Evaluation of daily operating procedure of the entire medical setup by senior medical practitioner & recommendations

Upcoming Educational Projects/Expansions/Greenfield or Brownfield Sites/Construction or Partial Operation Stage Consulting, Practical Cost-Effective Long-Term Risk Mitigation Recommendations(Both CAPEX & OPEX) and Commissioning Assistance

  • We are dedicated to our clients, and they benefit from our ethical practices, strong mission, and clear vision. Based upon your requirement, budget and scale of operation, we would love to assist you from 'Consulting To Commissioning' stage, for each and every one of the services mentioned here on site and even stand with you with annual review audits/annual preventive maintenance plans too, post the project completion
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